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Semantic Advantage articles on search engine optimization, social marketing, search engine marketing, online branding, email marketing and web marketing strategy. Semantic Advantage is an online marketing company in Austin, TX.

Online Marketing: Real Estate Pricing -- September 2011
Analysis of alternative pricing models for internet marketing of real estate properties. Recommendations for pricing client properties and configuring real estate website property search parameters to enhance online marketing effectiveness.

Social Marketing: Blog Comments and Social Media Marketing Posts -- August 2011
Benefits of integrating blog comments in a business social marketing strategy, blog comment etiquette and restrictions, and recommendations for effective blog commenting.

Austin Marketing: SEM/PPC Tactics for Restaurants -- July 2011
Observations on the online Austin marketing environment for restaurants and bars, with actionable SEM/Pay Per Click recommendations and specific examples for restaurant marketing in Austin, TX.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Healthcare -- July 2011
Overview of social marketing opportunities and techniques for healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, private medical and dental practices. Includes recommendations for healthcare-related social media sites and adherence to HIPAA guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization - Keyword Research and SEO -- June 2011
Online Marketing Basics article on keyword selection for search engine optimization, including keyword research and application for Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines.

Online Marketing Basics -- June 2011
Introduction to online marketing services including website development and optimization, SEO, SEM, display advertising and email marketing.

SEM: Managing PPC Program Costs -- June 2011
Search engine marketing company best practices for SEM strategy and Pay-Per-Click campaign management.

SEO: Real Estate Website Search Engine Optimization (Part II -- Off-page SEO) -- June 2011
Austin SEO firm Semantic Advantage describes link building strategies and recommendations for enhancing Real Estate SEO, increasing Google search rankings and traffic to Real Estate websites.

Online Marketing Strategy: SEM vs. SEO -- May 2011
Compares the benefits and limitations of search engine optimization and search engine marketing from the standpoint of increasing traffic and sales, SEO vs. SEM ramp-up time, and overall ROI for the online marketing program.

SEM Services: New Google AdWords Policy for Pharmaceutical Pay-Per-Click Ads -- May 2011
Google announces new AdWords policy for pharmaceutical product retailers and affiliate advertisers providing PPC services to pharma product manufacturers and resellers.

Social Marketing: Facebook for Business -- May 2011
Creating a business Facebook page and Facebook ads to develop an online community of customers and prospects, increase traffic to your business website, and expand sales with social media marketing.

Social Marketing: Use Your Keywords! -- April 2011
Incorporating SEO and SEM keywords in social media profiles, posts, comments a d blogs can significantly increase visibility, followers and website traffic.

Email Marketing: Customer Survey Tips -- April 2011
Designing email customer surveys to simplify and avoid spam filters will increase open rate and obtain more useful responses.

SEO: Real Estate Website Search Optimization (Part I -- On-page SEO) -- April 2011
Embed search keywords in content, page title, page description, headers, meta tags and URL to enhance organic search engine optimization.

SEO Competitive Analysis -- March 2011
> Compare search engine optimization with competitors websites to refine SEO strategy and improve search rankings.

Social Marketing: Twitter Tactics for Restaurants -- February 2011
Recommended content and timing for tweets and other social media posts by restaurants, food and beverage companies.

SEO: Google Cracks Down on Content Spam and Content Farms -- February 2011
'Panda' enhancement to Google search engine algorithm removes webspam from search engine results.

Using Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns for Enhanced Search Engine Marketing -- January 2011
Selecting negative keywords to maximize CTR and ROAS of SEM Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

SEO Ranking Factors -- January 2011
Key search engine ranking factors for search engine optimization and search engine marketing, with special emphasis on Google SEO.

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