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Online marketing in Austin is a complex and highly competitive business.   A few years ago, you could have a successful Austin Internet marketing program with a half-decent website and occasional email marketing campaign.  Now you need a robust online marketing strategy including website development, search engine optimization, local Internet marketing, blogs and social marketing programs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and targeted social media.  And in the most competitive industries and market segments, a successful web marketing program will need a search engine marketing campaign and substantial pay per click budget.  Online marketing has become an arms race.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
There are several key components to an effective online marketing strategy:

  • Identification and refinement of online marketing objectives
  • Analysis of current Internet marketing program, including search engine optimization,
    search engine marketing, social marketing, email marketing, webinars and webcasts
  • Assessment of competitors' online marketing efforts including search marketing, pay per click programs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media campaigns
  • Development of an online marketing strategy and roadmap
  • Implementation of website enhancement and off-page marketing campaigns
  • Continuous testing to monitor and enhance performance and ROI
Semantic Advantage offers a complete portfolio of online marketing services in Austin.

Online Marketing: Brand Development
SEO and SEM are online marketing services which are the essence of online branding. 
They require the distillation of your business, products and services brand into short keyword phrases.  Your website is optimized by building pages and an interconnecting structure that embodies these keyword phrases.

Search engines crawl the web and grade every page according to these keywords.  The better each web page (and its links) represents its keywords, the better the page will do in the Bing, Yahoo! and Google search engine rankings.  

Semantic Advantage assists clients with all aspects of online branding, including:

  • Identification of the words, synonyms and related content which best define your organization, products and services
  • Analysis and comparison with competitor's brands and online marketing programs
  • Selection of the most effective messaging and media to communicate your brand and value proposition to the target audience

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services
SEO is a critical component of online marketing services, and Semantic Advantage assists Internet marketers in developing an effective website and search engine optimization strategy:

  • Creation of search engine optimization strategy
  • Keyword research and evaluation for online marketing optimization
  • Competitive website and keyword analysis
  • Selection of long-tail and short-tail keywords
  • Mapping keywords, meta tags and content to website pages
  • SEO-friendly copywriting for keyword density and readability
  • Reporting and analysis of SEO results

Search Engine Marketing - SEM and PPC Services
Display advertising and Pay-Per-Click campaigns can produce immediate cost-effective results, especially when combined with SEO and Social Marketing in an integrated online marketing program:

  • Development of comprehensive search engine marketing and PPC strategy
  • Identification and valuation of SEM conversion actions
  • PPC keyword identification and matching mode specification
  • Pay Per Click bid management and PPC keyword grouping
  • Identification and application of negative keywords
  • A/B and multivariate testing to maximize SEM ROAS
  • Management of PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing

Social Marketing: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging
B2B and B2C social marketing are now key components of commercial online marketing strategies: 

  • Development of an effective social media marketing strategy
  • Integration of social marketing into the overall online marketing program
  • Analysis and comparison of competitors' social marketing programs
  • Identification of effective posting and blogging sites
  • Development of corporate presences on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Creation of SEM and SEO-friendly website content, posts, blogs and tweets
  • Online community social media marketing and monitoring

Local Internet Marketing - Austin TX
Companies that derive most of their business from local customers can benefit from local Internet marketing programs -- including Google Places, Bing Local, Yelp, YellowPages and YellowBook.  Semantic Advantage can assist you with

  • Geographic targeting for your primary geographic markets
  • Google Places, Bing Local business SEO and Google map SEO
  • Yahoo! Local Listings SEO and Enhanced Listings
  • Microsoft Bing search advertising and SEO for Bing Local Search
  • Integration of local Internet marketing with SEO, SEM and Social Marketing

For a FREE consultation on how Semantic Advantage online marketing services can increase your website traffic, sales leads and ROAS, contact Semantic Advantage today.

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