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Financial-SEO-ServicesThe financial services industry is highly competitive, and search engine optimization (SEO) for financial service organizations can be extremely challenging.  Web marketing is particularly difficult for smaller companies in Austin which are competing with multinational banks, insurance companies and brokerage houses that have large online marketing budgets and specialized financial SEO services agencies.

Local and regional banks, credit unions, stock brokers and investment advisors can successfully compete with larger financial institutions' SEO efforts -- by focusing on geographic locale, audience demographics and finance specialties.  A global financial services search engine optimization campaigns needs to cover the entire world, a vast array of products and the entire spectrum of business and consumer needs.  A small financial services SEO program can outperform the giants in the Facebook or Google results by concentrating its efforts:

Geo-Targeting -- BNP Paribas, Bank of America, AIG and AXA Group don't have a web page, social marketing program or SEO effort for Austin Texas, Chico California or Hogs Ankle Iowa.  They're unlikely to develop Facebook business pages with these city names, and they won't have blogs or Pinterest photos specific to these towns.

Audience Demographics -- The multinational banks are not going to create a microsite, pay-per-click campaign or financial services SEO program for this month's special financing offer for Bob's Chevy dealership, or a furniture discount tie-in with mortgage financing on Dave Developer's new homes.

Financial Service Specialization -- You won't see Barclay's, Munich Re or Prudential in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for terms like 'san antonio motorcycle loan', 'south austin cd rates', 'portland income tax prep' or 'phoenix student loans'.

Improving SEO for Financial Services Businesses - Austin TX

In the above examples, small financial services firms can win the SEO battle using long tail keywords -- 3-5 word keyword phrases that are focused on your geographic, audience and service specialties.  In addition to benefiting your search optimization program, these long-tail keywords can be highly effective in social media marketing and paid search PPC campaigns.

A local bank, insurance agency or CPA is unlikely to be #1 in Google or Bing results for 'online banking', 'whole life insurance' or 'business accounting'.  But there's no reason why you can't be on Page One for the 4- or 5-word keywords that precisely describe your business, services and customers.

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