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Social Media Marketing - Facebook

Marketing Your Business on Facebook

SocialMediaMarketing-FBAdsSocial marketing should be a key component of your business’ online marketing strategy. Unlike most traditional marketing channels, social media marketing is highly interactive and allows your customers, suppliers and business partners to participate in an online community – in manner and time of their choosing.
Creating a Facebook business page is the first step in Facebook advertising. Like the home page of your website, the Facebook page for business should present an appealing image of your company, promote your products and services, and guide your visitors along the path to becoming customers.

As part of your overall search engine and social marketing strategy, your Facebook business page should embody your major search engine keywords, and links to your business website and blog.

Social Marketing vs. Search Marketing

There are some important differences between social media marketing and search engine marketing, and these will affect the way you run your Facebook advertising campaign:
  • Facebook allows you to target prospects on the basis of age, gender, education, work, geographic, likes or interests. This is particularly beneficial for B2C social marketing, and can significantly enhance the click through rate (CTR) and cost-effectiveness of a Facebook advertising campaign. For example, if your business makes fashion accessories for teenage girls, you can restrict ad impressions to female visitors in a specific age range.
  • In search engine marketing, your audience is actively searching using specific keywords; with Facebook ads, you need to get the visitor’s attention and stimulate their interest. This is the main reason Facebook ad cost per click (CPC) is less than the analogous Google AdWords CPC – the CTR for search engine marketing is inherently higher than for social marketing because every searcher is motivated.
  • Although many people use Facebook instead of blogging, HTML links from Facebook are NO FOLLOW. This means the links you post on your personal FB page and FB business pages don't carry the same SEO weight as the analogous posts made on your own blog or website.  And you don't have as much flexibility in organizing Facebook blog comments.
  • Facebook tries to display your ad on a highly relevant Facebook page, but you should not expect the same level of correspondence between page content and keywords that you would in a SEM/PPC campaign. There are currently 1 billion Facebook users, but there are more than one billion Google search results pages generated each day – so it’s generally easier for Google to find a match.

Facebook Ads – Tips for Increasing Social Marketing ROI

  • Personalize the ad copy – especially the ad title and call-to-action. Use what you know about your target audience to reach out with a resonant appeal and offer a compelling value proposition.
  • Use A/B testing (aka Split Testing). Run two ads to the same audience in the same time frame to see which is most effective. Replace the less effective ad with another ad candidate and repeat.
  • Include an appealing or intriguing image or video in your ad. A/B test a variety of images, to see which draws the most clicks.
  • Start with CPC payments, then do the math periodically to determine if CPC or CPM offers the better value.
  • Segment your Facebook ad campaign into ad groups to avoid having dissimilar target market segments and click costs in the same ad group. This will increase your CTR and reduce your CPC (or CPM).
  • Try advertising your Facebook pages (i.e., for some of your ads, make the destination URL a Facebook page). This will enable visitors to Like your landing page, and will improve your CTR.

Better Social Marketing with Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads provide an excellent opportunity to utilize social marketing to create an online customer and prospect community, increase traffic to your Facebook business page and website, and increase sales. Facebook advertising requires a strategy and methods which are somewhat different than for a search engine marketing Pay-Per-Click program; but it can be highly effective and expand the reach of your online marketing program to a new audience.