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 Social Media Marketing - Use Your Keywords! 

Using your keywords in social media is increasingly important. Every post, tweet or profile update you make to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Digg, Twitter or blog sites has an impact on your digital brand and the effectiveness of your Austin social media marketing programs. In the online world your brand is represented to web crawlers and search engines by keywords – the specific search terms you choose for your website pages, blog site, pay-per-click campaigns, social media pages and posts.

Using SEO and SEM Keywords in Social Marketing

social-marketing-tips Disciplined use of keywords in social marketing is an essential component of link-building for search engine optimization. The number and quality of inbound links from social media sites can have a huge impact on the growth of your social marketing program and the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

It’s important to incorporate your keywords when social marketing sites and posts to keep your brand “on message” and support your ongoing SEO and SEM programs. Here are a few recommendations for using keywords to enhance your online brand and get the most out of your social marketing:
  1. Post interesting items that your audience is likely to enjoy, re-visit, re-post and link to. Complex social marketing techniques and SEO tricks are no substitute for rich, interesting content.

  2. Each article, post or tweet should contain one of your keywords, along with related terms and a link to your website or blog page. This is known as social tagging, and the keyword should be used as anchor text for the link to your website page or blog page that corresponds to that keyword -- not always your home page.

  3. Use link shorteners like,, or TinyURL to reduce the length of long URLs. This is particularly useful for Twitter social media marketing where you are constrained by the 140 character Tweet limit.

  4. Include your major keywords (along with synonyms and related terms) in your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles and posts. In addition to enabling your target audience to find you, this will also reinforce your social marketing brand, SEO and SEM quality scores with the major search engines.

  5. Use social marketing tools like AvenueSocial, HootSuite, Involver,, SocialRain, Sprout Social or TweetDeck to manage your presence on multiple social sites. These greatly simplify the logistics of social tagging, managing posts and responses across the major social media platforms.

  6. Post and re-post to multiple social media sites – particularly the ones which are most popular in your industry -- but don’t send exactly the same content in each message. Search engines abhor duplicate content, and will ignore or devalue the link. Revise and augment the content of each post to add a unique interpretation, conclusion or new piece of information.

  7. Post on blog sites and other social marketing forums that are most relevant to your business and have a high Google PageRank. These are more likely to attract ‘sticky’ followers, and produce the most effective backlinks.

  8. Connect everything to everything! Establish links among all your websites, blog sites and social media sites. Anything you can do to make it easier for your audience (and search engines) to follow a post thread will help get you more traffic and followers.

Social Media Keyword Strategies

Social marketing has the inherent benefits of creating online communities and enhancing communications with customers, prospects, suppliers and business partners; but it can also enhance your search engine optimization and paid search (PPC and display advertising) programs. By making a concerted effort to use keywords in social media profiles and posts, businesses can reinforce their brand message, increase the focus of social marketing programs, and enhance SEO and SEM campaign results.