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seo-texas-companiesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential business requirement for Texas businesses. In the modern Lone Star State, your website and social media properties are the ways customers find you and learn about your business, products and services. With the rapidly developing world of SEO Texas has become one of the most competitive markets. Search optimization is now an extremely technical field, requiring advanced mathematics and copywriting skills.

Semantic Advantage is a leading SEO service provider in Austin TX. We offer a comprehensive set of online marketing services to support the diverse requirements of large corporations, small businesses and non-profit clients.  In addition to delivering SEM/PPC and search optimization services in Texas, we have also been recognized by as one of the Top 100 SEO companies in the USA.

Here is a list of our most popular SEO services:

  • Online Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research for SEO and SEM/PPC
  • SEO Strategy, Roadmap and Implementation Schedule
  • Local SEO Services
  • Business social media page and post optimization
    (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube)
  • Website optimization for mobile devices and users
  • Blogging for maximum SEO impact
  • Optimizing emails to improve SEO and open rates
Before taking on a new client, we discuss their overall business goals and specific marketing objectives with them. Then we do a preliminary analysis of their online presence – website(s), search rankings, SEM/PPC campaign performance, social media marketing – and compare these with competitors. This investigation enables us to make well-informed recommendations and an SEO services proposal specifically tailored to the needs of the client.

Our company has been doing SEO in Texas and across the USA since 2007. Most of our people have more than 20 years of experience in website design and optimization, online advertising and digital marketing. This experience has given us a lot of proprietary knowledge and insights into the workings of web crawlers, search ranking algorithms, advertising platforms and e-commerce.

Semantic Advantage is a professional “white hat” SEO company. Our search optimization work complies with the Google and Bing webmaster guidelines -- and the Terms of Service (ToS) of other search engines and social media networks. Our TX SEO experts do not do keyword stuffing, fake reviews, purchased links, spammy blog posts or fake reviews. We reject prospects and fire clients who violate these principles.

Our team reviews search-related announcements from Google, Bing, Facebook and Amazon (each with a prudent grain of salt). Like all other SEO consultants, we can't know exactly what’s in the Google ranking algorithm. And, of course, this is constantly changing to thwart the efforts of overzealous SEO companies.

We approach search engine optimization from the perspective of “What could the search engines do to give users better results and thwart manipulation (without disadvantaging advertisers)?” and act accordingly. This conservative strategy ensures compliance with Google and Bing guidelines 
and social media platform ToS. It also prevents our clients from getting ranking penalties, deprecated backlinks or the dreaded Manual Actions. No Semantic Advantage client has ever received a Google penalty as a result of our SEO services or related online marketing work.

Local SEO for Texas Businesses

For the last few years, search engines have ‘personalized’ results for users’ preferences and locations. As a consequence, a person in Wisconsin doesn’t get the same SERPs as someone making the same search query in Texas. What you get depends on where you are and other things Google, Bing or Facebook know about you. Like your age, gender and what websites you visited recently.

A search engine deems a query to be a Local Search if the search terms meet certain criteria. Including the name of a state, town or neighborhood can trigger this. But the most common determinant is the use of a keyword component matching a list of products and services typically provided by local businesses. Examples: apartment rentals, auto repair, beauty salon, car dealer, CPAs, doctor, electrician, home inspector, hospital, lawyer, manicure, nightclubs, plumber, police station, restaurants.

Businesses offering services and products primarily to the local market should have their websites, social media page profiles and posts optimized for the town (and even neighborhood) and most commonly used search terms. In competitive markets, the more specific you can be the better. Due to ‘personalization’, your website is more likely to turn up in the SERPs if your business ZIP Code is the same as that of the person making the query.

Unfortunately, we have found that businesses located downtown (ZIP Codes XXX01 or XXX02) tend to do better in local searches including that town name than businesses in the surrounding suburbs. Not surprisingly, clients are sometimes reluctant to relocate to these downtown areas (or another city with higher search volumes).

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

We begin every Texas SEO consulting engagement with keyword research and rigorous competitive analysis. Some clients initially want to cut this from the scope and cost of the project. But we insist that these are essential for the best results and ROI. Researching keywords always turns up productive search terms we (and the client) were not aware of. And the initial competitors assessment invariably reveals weaknesses we can exploit.

There are lots of purported SEO companies out there that give quotes over the phone without talking to the client to learn about their current situation, business plans and marketing goals. So they don't know what keywords to target, or how your website ranks for these. They also don’t know which page is ranked for each keyword or who the strongest competitor is for this. So they can't properly estimate how much work will be needed to beat them in the rankings. We think it’s amazing that some of these Texas SEO experts are able to provide a sensible proposal and quote without this information. Just sayin’ :-)

E-Commerce and Social Media SEO - Texas Examples

E-commerce sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Apple/iTunes have their own proprietary search ranking algorithms (not the same as Google’s). So, if your products are listed on one or more of these, a little work to optimize entries for their native search engines can produce more impressions and sales. Google Shopping (nee Google Products and Froogle) uses the same ranking model as Google Search; and again, some attention to search optimization considerations can significantly improve revenue from this channel.

Many people also search for goods and services on popular social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. So we recommend and implement SEO enhancements for business profiles and posts for those native search engines. There isn’t much advantage to optimizing Instagram or Snapchat posts, since these are not indexed and do not persist over time.

Choosing the Best Texas SEO Company for Your Business

An easy way to find a decent Texas SEO company in your area is to Google ‘seo company <city-name>’.
Examples: ‘seo company lakeway tx’, ‘seo services houston texas’ or 'el paso seo agency'. Ignoring business directories and ratings review sites, the companies listed on the first or second page of the SERPs should be pretty good. For business types requiring industry-specific SEO expertise and experience (e.g., E-commerce, Real Estate, Mortgage Banking, Pharma, Gambling, IT Services) you can include a relevant product or service in your query.
Examples: ‘pharma seo texas', ‘austin restaurant seo company or ‘home mortgage seo consultant dallas’.

You can also use this method to check out SEO agencies that contact you. [Especially cold calls and emails reminiscent of the old Rich Uncle from Nigeria scam.] If they don’t appear on Page One or Two for these searches, ask them why not. Yes, there could be a legitimate or excusable reason for this. But a professional SEO organization should be able to rank on Page 1 or 2 for their target keywords.

Notwithstanding our good rankings, we get most of our Texas SEO business from repeat customers and referrals. These represent the best-qualified leads, because they either are already familiar with our work and value, or got an excellent recommendation from a current or past customer. We work hard to be on Page One for our major keywords; but there’s nothing like a great referral from a happy client.

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