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seo-agency-austin-tx-semantic-advantageAustin SEO agency Semantic Advantage can boost your Google rankings, website traffic and conversion rates. Using proven organic search engine optimization methods, we will improve your website’s key ranking factors. Our SEO experts will enhance your digital brand, online visibility and user experience.

  • Focus on Business Results, not just Traffic Stats
  • Custom Proposal for Every Client Project
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Integrated SEO, SEM-PPC and Social Media
  • Fixed-Price Contract – No Cost Surprises

If your business needs better online marketing results and ROI, contact Semantic Advantage.

In addition to boosting search rankings, our cost-effective SEO services improve the performance of display advertising and pay-per-click ad campaigns. We apply our SEO expertise to optimizing landing pages, ad copy and calls-to-action. This elevates SEM-PPC Quality Scores – improving ad placement and reducing click costs.

We also apply our Austin SEO company’s skills and technology to social media marketing – SMM. Our search optimization experts will enhance your company profiles and posts on Facebook, Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp to give your organization more exposure on those platforms. And as a bonus, this social SEO work will also benefit your rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Our clients, business partners and industry experts think we’re pretty good at this. We have 5-star SEO company reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. And recently, Semantic Advantage was named one of the 100 Best SEO Companies in the USA by search optimization authority

Client-Specific Fixed Cost SEO Services Projects

Unlike most SEO agencies in Austin, we research each prospective client’s online performance and competition before offering a proposal or quote. Our search optimization experts check the organic rankings, SEM-PPC campaign operations and social site activity versus major competitors. We then discuss these results with the prospective client – along with their business plans and marketing goals. Only then can we prepare a proposal and quote for the project. We wonder how other SEO companies can readily issue quotes without doing this homework or talking with the client!

For each project, we prepare a customized fixed-price proposal. We intend to make them a customer-for-life, and seldom undertake one-time engagements. This business strategy and pricing model aligns our motivations with the objectives and preferences of our clients.

Semantic Advantage generally conducts 6-month pilot projects for new clients. We previously did shorter engagements (just to ‘fix what’s broken’, for example). But in the last year or so, search engines are taking longer to manifest the effects of search optimization enhancements. And consistent with SEO Best Practices, we take a very conservative approach and make these improvements gradually. This minimizes the likelihood of  a Google penalty for ‘over-optimization’.

Standard SEO Company Project Tasks

Keyword Research. We use sophisticated keyword research and suggestion tools to identify the specific search terms people use when making an online query for your type of products or services. Using an iterative process, our team generates a large structured set of ‘short-tail’ (high volume) keywords and ‘long tail’ (low volume) terms. We especially favor short-tail terms that competitors have neglected. And long-tail phrases that differentiate our client from their rivals. We can also apply this research to SEM/PPC campaigns and content marketing programs.

Competitive Analysis. Next we run queries using these candidate keywords. For each query, the SERPs tell us how our client ranks, who the top competitors are – and their website’s Ranked Page for that keyword. We analyze the on-page and off-page SEO characteristics to determine how it earned that score. Our SEO agency experts also assess competitors’ SEM-PPC campaigns and social presence to gauge their effects. After several iterations, we choose target keywords that will produce the best results for our client.

On-Page Optimization. Enhancements made to the website pages to improve rankings. We optimize each page for a single keyword (phrase). And create a page-keyword map to determine which page we optimize for each keyword. Trying to optimize a page for more than a single keyword (phrase) concedes an advantage to competitors that focus on only one.

Off-Page Optimization. More and better hyperlinks from other websites. A link to a website is an online endorsement for the recipient. The strength and quality of this endorsement depend on the anchor text and authority of the referencing site. Blogs and other websites’ appreciation of your content and expertise result in natural link building . We also bolster off-page SEO with citations in business directories, ratings-review sites and industry-specific authority websites, blogs and wikis.

Our digital marketing agency has also been successful designing and optimizing websites from scratch, and helping Cedar Park, Georgetown and Round Rock SEO services clients.

Applying SEO Agency Principles to Pay-Per-Click Ads

SEM-PPC Campaign Management Services. Semantic Advantage is one of the  leading Austin pay-per-click services companies. In this capacity, we manage Bing and Google Ads campaigns for global corporations with $300,000/month budgets. And mom-and-pop stores spending $1000/month. Unlike some Austin PPC agencies, we report the performance statistics and actual ad spend. We also give clients online access to the native ad platform results and reports.

As with all our work, we exploit proven SEO techniques in these SEM/PPC programs. We optimize ads and landing pages to increase Quality Scores and lower CPCs. And we employ A/B and multivariate testing on ad copy, images, videos, calls-to-action and landing pages to improve campaign results and ROAS.

SEO-enhanced Services for Social Media and Video

Social Media Marketing – SMM. Increasingly, our project work includes  managing clients’ Facebook, Twitter and GMB programs. We create optimized corporate profiles on GMB, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on behalf of clients. Our team also makes periodic posts (using target keywords, effective hashtags and website links) to engage target audiences. We also train clients in the appropriate and effective use of social networks to maximize the SEO benefits. And consult with them in the formulation of corporate SMM policies. More recently, we have been assisting clients with Reputation Management Services – removing false and defamatory material. Or creating higher-ranking content to push derogatory memes to the oblivion of Page Six on the SERPs.

Video SEO – YouTube and Vimeo. The most important aspect of Video SEO is having an informative and appealing video. But it is highly beneficial to optimize the video channel profile and each video’s meta data. (title, description and tags) to enable people to find it on YouTube (or Vimeo) and the general purpose search engines. Most people are not aware of this, but YouTube is the second most popular search platform. So it pays to hire an Austin SEO agency or digital media optimization consultant to enhance your company profile and videos there.

Search Optimizing for Mobile Devices – Tablets and Smartphones

Customization for Mobile Devices. The case for Mobile Marketing is often overstated, because most mobile devices aren’t always mobile. As we sit in our offices using our smartphones and tablets, we’re really not ideal prospects for a cafe promoting a lunch special or a ride sharing service ad targeting car-less commuters. Nowadays, mobile devices have screen resolutions approaching those of desktops and laptops. But optimizing for mobile devices still helps website SEO. And responsive page designs, simplified layouts and reasonably-spaced controls also improve the user experience. (Read: higher CTRs and conversion rates, less cart abandonment).

Focus on Google SEO – Improving Search Rankings

Google’s domination of the organic search market make it the primary focus of top SEO firms. And they’re grabbing an increasing share of the paid search and display advertising spaces. In most industries, intense competition creates pressure to improve Google rankings for high volume keywords. The financial value of a Page One search ranking can not be overstated. Consumers and corporate buyers increasingly rely on online sources for information about which products and services to purchase.

E-commerce statistics show that most people searching online find what they need on Page One of the Google SERPs. According to a study by advertising network Chitika, the #1 Google result receives 33% of the organic traffic, #2 gets 18%, #3 only 11% and on down to #10 with 2.4%. These statistics vary by industry and the type of product or service. But they serve as a great impetus for hiring an expert SEO agency to improve those rankings.

PPC advertising campaigns experience a similar drop off in clicks with lower ad placement. According to the pay-per-click research from Compete, 53% of all clicks go to the #1 ad, 15% to #2 and only 9% to the #3 PPC ad. Clicks drop off even more for the #4-#6 ads at the bottom of the page, and even worse for Page 2.

If you are unhappy with your company’s online visibility, search rankings or website traffic levels, contact Semantic Advantage for a FREE Assessment.

Local SEO Agency – Austin TX – Round Rock – Cedar Park

In digital marketing, Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing websites and other online properties to rank highly in searches relating to a specific geographic region. [By ‘other online properties’, we mean company social media pages, directory listings and ratings-review site profiles and meta data.] For example, we can assume someone searching for ‘air conditioning repair’, ‘personal tax prep’ or even ‘best austin seo agency near me’ wants to connect with a service provider within 20 miles of their location. On the other hand, a person Googling for ‘thai food recipes’,’french impressionist painters’ or ‘korean war history’ probably isn’t looking for a nearby retailer or service operation.

To determine the applicable locale, search engines utilize the user’s location. Or extract geographic references from the search query. For example, ‘indian restaurant dallas’, ‘el paso auto mechanic’ or ‘lake texoma real estate’. They match this with company addresses from GMB, Bing Local or Yelp to generate these Local Listings. As near as we can tell, they employ their normal algorithmic ranking process. But  they seem to favor proximity (same town name and even ZIP Code) as well as the number and quality of customer reviews.

In addition to helping customers find your organization on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask, a competent Local SEO firm can improve rankings in searches conducted on business directories and ratings-review sites themselves. Angie’s List, CitySearch, Foursquare, Yelp and Zomato all have their own proprietary rating and ranking criteria. For some vendor types (especially restaurants, consumer goods and personal services) consumers trust these sites more than search engines.

Organic SEO – Google – Bing – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter

The same techniques we use for Google optimization will generally enhance rankings on Bing, Facebook, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp. But each of these platforms has a different web crawler, indexing regime, ranking algorithm and results presentation. For example, Google gives less weight to keyword density and guest blog posts — and more credit to YouTube videos — than Bing or Yahoo. For the most highly competitive keywords, we can gain advantages by creating and optimizing pages for specific search platforms.

This also holds true for social sites and business directories like Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Citysearch, LinkedIn and Yelp. Each of these collects different information about your organization and has its own ranking criteria. Fortunately, our Austin SEO agency experts can optimize your citations on these sites to achieve excellent rankings and visibility. We also coach clients on how (and when) to ask customers for reviews — and how to simplify the rating-review process for them.

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Founded in 2008, our Austin SEO consultancy specializes in organic search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click PPC campaign management and digital media services. We manage B2B and B2C online marketing programs for clients in Central Texas and throughout the USA.

Your organization may have a beautiful website, active PPC campaigns and robust SMM program. But if it doesn’t show up on Page One of the Google search results for your most important keywords, you’re not getting the results you deserve.

We can help. For a FREE assessment and consultation, contact Semantic Advantage today!