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Semantic Advantage is one of the best SEO companies in Austin TX. To meet the business needs of our clients, we focus on Google SEO, SEM-PPC campaign management and social media marketing. To improve client rankings and organic traffic, our experienced team provides website optimization services for organizations in Austin and throughout the USA. If you’re looking for a professional SEO company specializing in website optimization and Local SEO, contact Semantic Advantage to request a FREE consultation.


As the Internet search leader, Google is the main arbiter for organic search optimization. [As well as SEM-PPC campaign effectiveness.] To achieve success, the top Austin marketing consultants must consider several factors to ensure a high Google rankings in search results.

  • Interesting content to enhance Google SEO, traffic & conversions.
  • Search optimization for Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and Yelp.
  • Website structure and navigation to enable web crawler access.
  • Google search engine indexing and relevant directory registrations.
  • Establishment of backlinks from high PageRank referring sites.
  • Austin search engine optimization to improve Google rankings.

Focus on Small Business and Local Search

As our SEO agency has grown, we have served clients of all sizes. From household name Fortune 1000 corporations to mom-and-pop startups. And everything in between. In more than a decade providing digital marketing services, Semantic Advantage has delivered high-impact cost-effective small business SEO services in highly-competitive markets.

In our early years, we achieved success with clients in the Real Estate and Restaurant markets. As our business grew, we expanded to serve Law Firms and home service organizations. Increasingly, our work has focused on local search optimization services for small to medium sized businesses. Although we have Fortune 1000 clients, we especially enjoy helping entrepreneurs and family businesses. It’s great to see them compete successfully with giant corporations and chain stores!

SEO Services Cost and Duration

As you might expect, the cost of SEO depends primarily on the intensity of online competition. Especially for high volume keywords and lofty search rankings goals. At the risk of stating the obvious, if you didn’t have all those competitors ahead of you in the rankings, you’d be #1 on Google! The farther you are down in the rankings, the more work it takes to move you to Page One.

As with SEM and Social Marketing, we always adopt a business-oriented metrics-based approach. Unlike other SEO agencies, that are preoccupied with esoteric traffic statistics and maxims. Our search optimization experts define ‘winning’ as increased sales and value for our clients. To find out how your business stands, and what it will take to improve, contact us today!

SEO Firm Semantic Advantage – Austin TX

To improve search rankings and traffic, businesses looking for search engine optimization experts in Austin should consider our affordable SEO services. And to complement these, we also offer SEM-PPC campaign management and social media marketing services. If your organization needs more website traffic, conversions and sales leads, we can deliver these with a cost-effective consulting engagement.

Since our business is entirely online, we are able to provide mission-critical digital marketing services for organizations throughout the United States. If you are looking for a results-oriented white hat SEO services company in Austin TX, contact Semantic Advantage today.