Austin TX SEO Expert Consulting Firm

seo-expert-team-austin-txSemantic Advantage’s Austin SEO expert consultants can improve your search engine rankings, website traffic and conversions. We specialize in organic SEO services, Google Ads pay-per-click campaign management, and search-optimized social media marketing.

If your business isn’t showing up in the Google search results, please contact Semantic Advantage for a FREE consultation. After we learn about about your current situation and marketing goals, we’ll review your website and other online properties, conduct a preliminary competitive analysis, and develop a custom proposal and quote for a pilot project.

Semantic Advantage SEO Professional Profile and Approach

Since 2007, our Austin SEO experts have served clients in Central Texas and throughout the USA. The ratings, reviews and testimonials they have given us reflect their appreciation of our metrics-based projects. Toward that end, we utilize analytics extensively in our Austin SEO work and SEM-PPC campaign services. But mostly we focus on real-world business results – increasing sales and profits for our clients. In this context, search rankings, website traffic and conversions have secondary importance. Our first priority is to help clients make money, attract new customers and maximize ROI.

Unlike many Austin SEO firms, Semantic Advantage expends a lot of effort on Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis. For every new client prospect, we perform a preliminary assessment of their website SEO, online ads and social media presence. Then we check their search rankings and investigate competitors’ websites and ranking factors.

This work tells us which competitors are beating them – and how they are doing it. So we’ll know approximately how much work needs to be done to achieve parity – and superiority. Once we know what it will take to beat the competition, we can develop a proposal, cost out the project and provide a quote.

Contrast this with Austin SEO expert pretenders who offer “standard SEO packages” or quotes over the phone. Needless to say, without doing any homework or talking to the prospective client. Makes you wonder how they know what you need, and how they figure out what to charge.

Typical SEO Expert Consulting Engagement Pilot Project (6 months)

Competitive Analysis. Initial search rankings, identification of most significant competitors. Analysis and comparison of competitors’ websites, ranked pages, SEM-PPC programs, social media strength and activity.

Keyword Research. Selection of target keywords, synonyms and contextually-related terms. Consideration of candidate keyword search volumes, competitiveness and estimated PPC costs. Identification of short-term and long-term target keywords, based on current website and competitive analysis.

SEO Strategy and Roadmap. Plan for the project including target keywords, prospective keyword-page map, website development and optimization task scheduling, internal and external link development plan, social media profile and post tasks.

On-Page Optimization. Content optimization via copywriting, meta tag (Title, Description, H1-H2-H3, alt txt) enhancements, website structure and nav menu improvements, user experience evaluation and enhancements.

Off-Page Optimization. Business profile optimization on major platforms (Google My Business, Facebook-Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc.) Plus industry-specific business directories, ratings-review sites. Regular posts (keyword optimized with hashtags and links to website pages).

Analytics and Reporting. Instrumentation of website pages with analytics code and/or event pixels. Monitoring and analysis of search rankings, website traffic, conversions and other events. Monthly reporting of work performed, comparison with previous month and plans for next month.

Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization Company

Search engine optimization experts at have named Semantic Advantage one of the 100 Best SEO Companies in the USA. They cited our “understanding and refining the client’s online brand, developing an effective internet marketing strategy and web marketing roadmap, and implementing a solid foundation of organic search engine optimization.”

We have achieved this reputation with cost-effective SEO expert consulting projects.  Most of our work involves optimized website development or modification for improved rankings, traffic and sales. Our team provides expert Google SEO services, as well as optimizing for Yahoo! and/or Bing.

Website SEO Expert Experience – Austin TX

With a diverse range of client organizations, we deliver search engine optimization services for Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Overall online marketing strategy and road map
  • Competitive analysis, options and recommendations
  • Keyword research, analysis and meta tag specification
  • Local SEO services for Bing, Google+, Yahoo!, Yelp
  • Copywriting to enhance readability, user experience and rankings
  • Search engine optimization services for Google, Bing, Facebook

Professional Austin SEO Agency Offerings

To meet our clients’ business needs, we offer expert SEO services for websites, search engine marketing campaigns and social media marketing.

  • Google search engine optimization for website and Google My Business profile.
  • Organic SEO for YouTube (owned by Google) channels and video posts.
  • Optimizing for Bing, Facebook, Yahoo! and Yelp search engines.
  • Enhanced SERPs placement with our Austin SEO services
  • Local search engine optimization including MapQuest and Google maps
  • White hat linking strategies compatible with Panda and Penguin updates

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Experience

We provide organic SEO services to local clients in Austin, Cedar Park, Lakeway and Round Rock TX. And remote SEO expert services to clients in Dallas, Houston and throughout the USA.

  • Strategy development for websites, social marketing and SEM/PPC campaigns.
  • Competitive online marketing analysis (organic search, SEM-PPC, social media).
  • Keyword research, selection, mapping to website pages and ad groups.
  • Meta tag specification with enhancement for Google, Bing and Yahoo! SEO.
  • Design of internal and external linking systems to enhance page rankings.
  • Website and social media copywriting for improved rankings and conversion rates.
  • Use of Google Analytics, WebTrends and Adobe Analytics for performance analysis.

Specialized marketing strategies and online programs for vertical industries. In more than a decade of expert SEO consulting, we have conducted successful projects for companies in E-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Law Firms, HVAC Services, Marine Services, Real Estate, Restaurant and Retail.

4 SEO Expert Tips for Austin Businesses and Nonprofits

Based on many years of consulting engagements, here are four recommended SEO strategies and tactics for in-house or contracted search engine optimization.

  • Don’t neglect Competitive Analysis! Remember – If it weren’t for those #$%& competitors, you’d be #1 on Google search. Figure out why they rank ahead of you, and use this information to enhance on-page and off-page ranking factors.
  • Write for human readers, not for the search engines. Expanding readership will increase website traffic, conversions, backlinks and PageRank. As a natural consequence, search rankings will go up.
  • Incorporate SEO principles in social media marketing. This will enhance the rankings of your social media profiles and posts. And social media activity  traffic of its own – and backlinks.
  • Stick with White Hat search optimization practices. Search engines will discover and penalize tricks.  No cloaking, link farms, paid links, keyword stuffing or other nefarious techniques. People who do these are one Google algorithm change away from a Google penalty – or elimination from the index.

Semantic Advantage is an Austin SEO firm specializing in organic search optimization, social marketing and SEM/PPC program management services. Contact Semantic Advantage today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.