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seo-services-increase-trafficSemantic Advantage provides SEO services to Austin TX clients and organizations throughout the USA. Our work improves the performance of customer websites, social media properties and advertising campaigns. In every engagement, we strive to improve search rankings, website traffic, and sales. We also evaluate and enhance user experience factors to reduce bounce rates and improve conversions. Our search engine optimization experts review each prospect’s website, social media presence and competition to develop a custom proposal and firm quote.

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We design each SEO services project to meet the client’s specific business objectives and budget. All of our search engine optimization engagements incorporate four components:

  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis.
  • Rankings improvement strategy, priorities and road map.
  • On-Page SEO – Optimized structure, page copy, meta tags, images/videos, internal links.
  • Off-Page SEO – Citations, link building, social media marketing.

Our team performs all work in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and the analogous rules promulgated by Bing and Yahoo! So our clients don’t worry about Google penalties or changes to their ranking algorithm.

On-Page SEO Services – Website Optimization

By ‘on-page’ we mean enhancements to the website itself. On-page SEO services include website design improvements, content and meta tag optimizations, and instrumentation of images and videos. We holistically improve the site structure, navigation menu, text and headings. As you would expect, we are striving to produce a page that is superior to competitors’ ranked pages for the target keyword.

With the increasing importance of page load speed as a Google ranking factor, we evaluate and optimize the website code to enable pages to load quickly. This also enhances the User Experience. Not surprisingly, most people won’t wait more than a couple seconds for the SERPs link page to be rendered. Our SEO consultants manage the trade-off between lots of images and videos (which humans like to see) and quick page loads (which search engines prefer).

Off-Page SEO Service Packages – Citations – Link Building

The term ‘off-page SEO’ refers to search optimization enhancements resulting from inlinks (also known as backlinks) from other websites. For example, a link to your website from a business directory, ratings/reviews site, industry forum or blog. Our Austin SEO services team registers clients with high authority directories, ratings and review organizations relevant to the client’s business. We also make social media and blog posts using optimized hashtags and links to the website pages most relevant to the target keywords.

From the search engine’s perspective, these links constitute endorsements of the destination page. The nature of the endorsement depends on the anchor text used in the referring site’s hyperlink. And the strength of the endorsement scales with the referring site’s domain authority and relevance. So as a consequence, the most helpful backlinks come from high authority websites in the same industry – and contain some form of the destination page’s target keyword in the anchor text.

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

We perform rigorous Keyword research to identify search terms used by people looking for the products and services your organization offers. For each keyword, we also determine the local search volume and estimated click cost (CPC) in your competitive online market. We use CPC as a metric of the level of competition for the keyword. Even if you’re not running Pay-Per-Click campaigns. During this process, we develop a list of candidate target keywords your business can exploit.

The target list includes terms with a wide range of search volumes. We refer to those with a high number of monthly searches as Short Tail keywords. And we call the ones with low volumes Long Tail keywords.

As you might expect, competitors are also targeting the Short Tail keywords. This makes Page One rankings difficult to obtain. On the other hand, Short Tail terms offer more opportunities to be seen in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Properly managing this trade-off determines the success of most SEO service projects.

Competitive Analysis tells us how your competitors are ranked for the target keywords. And in most cases this process also surfaces additional productive search terms to add to our target keyword list. When you think about it, the only thing keeping your website from a Page One Google ranking is those @#$%& competitors!

Analyzing competitors gives us insight into how they are achieving top rankings. We carefully assess their website’s Domain Authority. Search engines grade this based on overall size, speed, relevance and backlink count of the website. As well as the individual page’s word count, content, meta tags, inlinks and outlinks. Our search engine optimization experts also evaluate the impact of competitors’ SEM-PPC campaigns (if any) and social media marketing programs. This competitive research tells us what needs to be done to achieve a Page One ranking. And invariably this information provides our SEO services team with ideas for enhancing our clients’ websites.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services

As with many things, in SEO services you get what you pay for. Search engine optimization requires highly technical skills and experience. And unfortunately, many pretenders and charlatans out there offer too-good-to-be-true SEO packages and quotes. Don’t be fooled by a low price or unrealistic results claims. And be wary of fly-by-night outfits that quote projects or ‘packages’ without analyzing your website and online presence, and talking with you about your overall marketing situation and plans. How can they plan and price a project without kn owing these tings?

A Page One ranking for a high volume commercial keyword has a significant monetary value for your business. If it were possible to achieve this quickly on a shoestring budget, all your competitors would do this. In a competitive online market, successful participants invest in competent SEO service firms in a long-term effort to improve rankings, website traffic and conversions. Short cuts, ‘magic bullets’ and black hat SEO techniques don’t work.

Cost-Effective SEO Strategies for Small Business

That said, we understand the challenges and economics of running large and small businesses. So we design our pilot small business SEO service projects to obtain the maximum ROI for your budget. Typically this entails ‘fixing what’s broken’ in the search engine optimization-related aspects of the website structure,  URLs, meta tags, content and images. Depending on the size of the website, our team can generally make these ‘low hanging fruit’  enhancements fairly quickly and produce significant search rankings improvements.

As part of our strategy for affordable small business search optimization, we focus on Long Tail keywords. Typically these include 3-5 word search terms that individually do not garner much search volume. But in the aggregate, a couple dozen of these Long Tail keywords can generate as much traffic as a highly competitive Short Tail keyword. This Long Tail strategy yields the most effective results when the multi-word search phrase differentiates your business from competitors.

Optimizing Google Maps and Google My Business Profiles

In addition to the organic rankings and ads, Google SERPs provide ‘local results’ near the top of Page One. But only when the search engine interprets the query to be looking for businesses in the searcher’s immediate geographical area. Local searches typically include queries for professional services, household maintenance, car dealers, movie/theater listings, etc.

So on Page One you’ll see a set of Local Businesses offering the requested product or service. Google gets these from its Google-My-Business (GMB) directory. Or from their Google Maps information if a business does not have a GMB page. These ‘local’ listings appear at the top of Page One and push the organic results down the page. Good news if your business is a favored local business, bad news if it’s not. Our Austin SEO consultants can instrument your GMB listing to increase the likelihood your business will appear in this section.

Facebook – LinkedIn – Pinterest – Yelp – Amazon SEO Services

In some cases, your target audience may prefer to look for products or services on social media rather than search engines. Especially for younger demographics or industries with a big social following. Like music, movies, photography, politics, and restaurants. With the exception of YouTube (which is owned by Alphabet and utilizes Google search), all these social networks have developed their own proprietary search engines.

The Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Yelp search algorithms work differently than Google’s. To optimize for these, we offer SEO services specifically tailored for business profiles and posts on these platforms. A lot of people search on these sites for employees, restaurants, product reviews and local services. As with mainstream search optimization, social media SEO can generate a significant amount of traffic, sales leads and revenue.

Small Business SEO Services – Austin Area

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Our typical Austin SEO services project incorporates tasks in several marketing disciplines. In addition to the Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis described above, we customize the scope of work to include high ROI items specific to the client’s situation, goals and competitive market. Our team develops a custom SEO strategy for each client, along with specific priorities, schedule and milestones. The Semantic Advantage business strategy is to get more work from clients as a result of producing better results and value.

Website Development and Optimization

We focus primarily on SEO, SEM-PPC and social media optimization. But occasionally a prospect’s website performs so badly (or is technically and , it makes more sense to build a new site than improve the old one. Sometimes a website is so technically and stylistically out of date, it’s less difficult (and less costly) to just create an entirely new site for the client. But more often, we can expand and enhance an existing site to produce better rankings, conversions and user experience. Typically this is less expensive than developing a new website from the ground up.

New site or old, the implementation of on-page SEO factor enhancements will entail substantial website development. And search optimization is not a ‘one and done’ event. It is a long-term process, if only because the search engines’ ranking algorithms look askance at modifications that appear to be done solely to improve rankings. Google calls these “over-optimizations” and penalize the site accordingly. This may entail a ranking penalty – or in egregious cases even removal from their index (website will not show up at all in Google SERPs).

The search optimization consultants we assign to your project can make changes directly to the website (and/or social media properties). Or in some cases, clients ask us to deliver the recommended enhancements to in-house or 3rd party website developers for implementation. To achieve the best outcomes, we frequently work closely with clients’ internal web designers and programming staff — or outside marketing or advertising agencies.

Semantic Advantage has been developing and optimizing HTML/JavaScript and WordPress websites for more than a decade. Our Austin SEO experts also improve search rankings of sites built with popular WYSIWYG web tools.  We have had good results with Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and GoDaddy’s Web Builder. And, over the past five years, we have achieved excellent results with ecommerce SEO services projects on Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce websites.

Search Engine Marketing SEM-PPC Management Services

Many of our SEO services clients also want to do paid search advertising. In some cases, paid advertising can produce a higher ROI than search optimization. So we provide economical Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. The pages we have optimized in our SEO work often make excellent PPC landing pages with high Quality Scores. And, since we have already done the Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis for their SEO program, their SEM-PPC work costs significantly less.

Search Optimization Services for Social Media

We also apply our SEO principles and techniques to Social Media Marketing (SMM) projects. We use search optimization techniques to enhance social media business profiles and posts. This improves their rankings on the social platform native search engines – as well as on Google, Bing, Amazon, etc. For clients with target audiences active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, we design cost-effective Social Media SEO services programs. These can be combined with display advertising to increase reach, conversions and overall ROI.

Whatever industry your business is in, Search Engine Optimization can improve your online visibility, user experience, customer acquisition and sales. Contact Semantic Advantage today for a FREE SEO ANALYSIS and recommendations.