Austin Digital Marketing Services Benefits

digital-marketing-services-austin-agencySemantic Advantage digital marketing services in Austin TX give businesses the visibility and impact necessary to compete online. A few years ago, you could have a successful Internet presence with a half-decent website and occasional email campaigns. Now you need a robust digital strategy including website development, search engine optimization and Local SEO services.

For most competitive industries and market segments, a successful web program entails search engine marketing campaigns with a healthy pay-per-click budget. So not surprisingly, the level of Austin digital marketing services competition has escalated like an arms race. We can help your organization prevail in the online marketplace. Contact Semantic Advantage today.

Keys to Digital Marketing Success

The digital marketing experts at our Austin search engine optimization firm work closely with clients to identify key factors in an effective digital marketing strategy.

  • Define business goals, identify specific digital marketing objectives and timeline.
  • Audit and analyze current Internet marketing programs to establish a baseline. Includes website, search rankings, search engine marketing, social media and email campaigns.
  • Assess competitors’ online marketing efforts including search marketing, pay-per-click programs, Facebook-Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube presence.
  • After consultation with client, develop online marketing strategy and roadmap.
  • Implement website enhancements and off-page enhancements, on an ongoing basis.
  • Optimize Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo! and Yelp company profiles and posts.
  • Test continuously to evaluate performance and ROI.

To meet our clients business goals, Semantic Advantage offers a complete portfolio of digital marketing services in Austin TX and throughout the USA.

Brand Development – Improving Online Image – Reputation Management

In essence, digital marketing services like SEO, SEM-PPC and Social Media marketing represent the online equivalents of traditional branding. To be successful, these disciplines require the distillation of your business, products and services brand into succinct phrases called keywords. We apply these to optimize websites, ad campaigns and social media programs. Our digital marketing experts build website pages, social media profiles, ad copy and calls-to-action embodying these brand-defining keyword phrases.

On a continuous basis, search engines crawl the web and grade pages according to the keywords and links they find. They create a massive index that ranks each page for each keyword. According to SearchEngineLand, Google has indexed more than 130 Trillion web pages! Despite this massive database, they generally deliver search results in less than a second. That takes a lot of ranking technology and computing power!

The better each web page (and its links) authoritatively represents its target keyword, the better the page will do in the Bing, Yahoo! and Google search engine rankings. For security reasons, no one outside Google knows exactly what parameters and weightings they use in the ranking algorithm. And this changes over time. But remarkably, Google advises that they consider more than 200 quantitative aspects of each page and website in calculating the search rankings.

To improve online presence and visibility, Semantic Advantage assists clients with many aspects of digital branding.

  • Identification of the words, synonyms and related content which best define your organization, reputation, products, services and aspirations.
  • Analysis and comparison with competitors’ brands and online marketing.
  • Selection of the most effective strategy, channels and messaging to communicate your brand and value proposition to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services

To maximize results for clients, SEO is a critical component of all our online marketing services. At the beginning of each engagement, Semantic Advantage assists businesses in developing an effective website and search engine optimization strategy.

  • Creation of search engine optimization strategy.
  • Comprehensive affordable SEO Services projects.
  • Keyword research and evaluation for online marketing optimization.
  • Competitive website and keyword analysis.
  • Selection of long-tail and short-tail keywords.
  • Mapping keywords, meta tags and content to website pages.
  • SEO-friendly copywriting for keyword density and readability.
  • Ongoing optimization based on search results.
  • Reporting and analysis of SEO results.

Search Engine Marketing Services – SEM and PPC

Unlike SEO, display advertising and Pay-Per-Click campaign management can produce immediate cost-effective results. Especially when combined with search optimization and Social Marketing in an integrated online marketing program.

  • Development of comprehensive search engine marketing and PPC strategy.
  • Identification and valuation of SEM conversion actions.
  • PPC keyword identification and matching mode specification.
  • Pay Per Click bid management and PPC keyword grouping.
  • Identification and application of negative keywords.
  • A/B and multivariate testing to maximize SEM ROAS.
  • Management of SEM-PPC campaigns on Google Ads, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing.

Social Media Services – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging

Depending on on our clients’ target audience and influencer community, we incorporate custom B2B and/or B2C social media marketing services in our digital marketing packages.

  • Development of an effective social media marketing strategy.
  • Integration of social marketing into the overall digital marketing services package.
  • Analysis and comparison of competitors’ earned and paid social media programs.
  • Identification of authoritative relevant sites to engage prospects and influencers .
  • Development of corporate presences on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business (GMB), LinkedIn, Yelp and YouTube.
  • Creation of SEM and SEO-friendly digital content – website pages, social media business pages, blogs and posts.
  • Online community user engagement, ratings-reviews enablement and analytics.

Local Business Digital Marketing Services – Austin TX

As you might expect, companies that derive most of their business from local customers can benefit from local marketing services. These include Local SEO and SEM-PPC as well as earned digital media and paid advertising. We have helped clients gain prominence and generate leads on generic local business referral directories. When searching for local services, many consumers consult Angie’s List, Google-My-Business, HomeAdvisor, Bing Local and Yelp. And for industry-specific queries, they frequently visit sites like, Trip Advisor, Zocdoc or Zomato.

To increase clients’ local search rankings and audience engagement, Semantic Advantage assists corporations and non-profits with a variety of local marketing services.

  • Geographic targeting for your primary geographic markets.
  • Google Places, Bing Local business SEO and Google map SEO.
  • Yahoo! Local Listings SEO and Enhanced Listings.
  • Microsoft Bing search advertising and SEO for Bing Local Search.
  • Integration of local Internet marketing with SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing.

For a FREE consultation on how Semantic Advantage digital marketing services can increase your website traffic, sales leads and ROAS, contact Semantic Advantage today.