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Award-winning Lakeway SEO company Semantic Advantage helps Lake Travis area businesses improve search rankings, increase website traffic and generate productive sales leads. We specialize in Google search engine optimization and Local SEO Services for small businesses from Bee Cave to Four Points – including Hudson Bend and Steiner Ranch. Our consultants also apply search optimization enhancements to Pay-Per-Click campaigns and content marketing programs for large corporations, small start-ups and non-profits.

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Here’s why we are the best SEO company in the Lakeway area:

  • Every project customized for client’s current situation, priorities, competition and budget.
  • Initial Keyword Research/Competitive Analysis identifies most cost-effective opportunities.
  • Fixed-price engagements (no hourly billing) with initial short-term pilot project.
  • Regular reports on performance metrics (or online access via Google Analytics).
  • Each client gets geographic-industry exclusive – we won’t work for your competitors!

SEO for Lakeway Area Businesses

Local Search Engine Optimization for ZIP Codes 78734 78732 78738

The term ‘Local SEO’ refers to website and social media enhancements made to increase an organization’s competitiveness to appear on Page One of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs for short). For queries they deem to be ‘local’, Google usually inserts a 3-pack of local businesses listings (Bing 3 to 5 ) on Page One just beneath the ads. This Local Pack section provides a great opportunity for your company to overcome competition from businesses outside your neighborhood. It also gives you respite from competing in the SERPs with giant multinational corporations with huge websites, enormous online advertising budgets and a large staff of digital marketing professionals.

We create and optimize business profiles in Google-My-Business (GMB) that increase clients online visibility and sales leads. Our Lakeway-based SEO experts also make search-optimization-enhanced posts on clients’ GMB pages to increase the buzz about their business and create backlinks to their website pages that best correspond to the post topic. Local SEO enhancements are an affordable way to increase small business search rankings to improve online visibility and sales leads in the area where they are located.

Social and Video Media Marketing for West Austin Companies

We also create keyword-optimized business profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Zomato for businesses whose customers are likely to check there for recommendations and reviews. Then we make periodic informational posts (with optimized text, images and hashtags) to increase audience engagement and direct them to clients’ website pages pertaining to the topics of interest. The optimizations in these profiles and posts improve performance in native search (queries within Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Yelp) – and also those conducted on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, etc.

SEO-enhanced Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

These same techniques produce a tremendous Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs, these include Google Ads (formerly called AdWords), Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft Ad Center) and Yahoo Ads. All these popular platforms offer ads – it’s how they make money!

Our pay-per-click campaign management teams employ search optimizing techniques in creating the website landing pages – as well as the ad copy and calls-to-action. And the keyword research and competitive analysis reveals the most productive PPC keywords and informs our biding and budget strategy. Hiring a good Lakeway SEO company can really help your Quality Scores – resulting in better ad placements and lower click costs.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Many of our clients take advantage of multiple Semantic Advantage offerings – SEO services, SEM/PPC campaign management and/or content marketing programs. Along with website development, online PR, display advertising and email campaigns – these comprise an integrated digital marketing program. We apply search enhancements to ALL these disciplines; and the integration of the optimized marketing channels improves overall results and productivity.

Systematic Search Optimization Services Approach

In planning and implementing SEO for Lakeway engagements, we take a simple-minded approach. First we identify the keywords that people use to find the kind of product or service our client offers. Then we Google these to see who the competitors are! Hey, if it weren’t for those pesky competitors, our client would already be #1 🙂  We examine and analyze each of the top competitors to see why search engines think their website page belongs ahead of our client’s in the SERPs.  We consider the key On-Page ranking factors of each competitor’s ranking page. These include the domain name (and complete Ranking Page URL), nav menu, text, headers, images, videos, meta tags – as well as the overall size and domain authority of the entire website. Then we evaluate the Off-Page  assets: Backlinks (quantity and quality, including reference site domain and page authorities, anchor text), hosting server performance (page load speed an increasingly important factor in Google ranking algorithm), Ratings and Reviews, SEM/PPC programs (if any) and the quality and impact of social site profiles and posts.

Once we know what competitors have done to warrant Page One (or #1) ranking for these keywords, we gauge what it will take for our client’s website to reach parity – and add a little more to surpass them and allow for uncertainties. Then we prioritize candidate keywords on the basis of “best bang for the buck”. Most appealing for immediate use are the ones with the highest search volumes that will take the least work to attain traffic-generating rankings. As with most of our Lakeway SEO company’s chores, this involves focus and trade-offs. In general, moving up in the SERPs is harder for high volume query terms. And it’s really easy to be #1 for a keyword no one ever uses (as offered by the fly-by-night spamming cold-calling pretenders). So we usually favor a mix of long- and short-tail keyword phrases that favors our client’s actual business superiorities, differentiators and priorities.

We make initial changes – typically several new pages optimized for target keywords, website restructuring/nav menu changes to highlight top priority keywords, off-page improvements. And getting rid of negative factors (keyword cannibalism, high bounce rate pages, bad links). It’s not an exact science. We implement some enhancements calculated to surpass competitors; measure the results and then do some more. Call it “rinse and repeat” or “trial and error”, but it works!

Affordable SEO Agency for Lakeway and Travis County

SemanticAd employees have decades of experience working at some of the best SEO agencies. For Fortune 500 corporations, marketing departments in mid-sized Inc 5000 businesses. Many have succeeded as one-man (and one-woman) Website Developer-PPC Campaign Manager-Email Marketer in self-funded start-ups. We understand what can be done with a lot of money and people in globally competitive online marketplace. But we also understand the budgets, time pressures and other limitations of running a start-up.

Our Lakeway agency designs every project for the client’s current business situation, competitive environment and budget. For companies with new or small websites with poor search rankings, we usually start by optimizing for long-tail keywords where they can become competitive in a relatively short time. In contrast with the more frequently used short-tail keywords, these are less competitive; so we can move our client up in the organic rankings and increase their website traffic. Long-tail keywords are also less expensive in pay-per-click campaigns – especially with judicious negative keywords and day-timing constraints.

Cost-effective SEO for Attorneys – Doctors – Restaurants – Retail – Financial Services

In addition to successful digital marketing projects for large law firms, hospitals and big box stores, our analysts and software developers have achieved very good results for small legal practices, medical clinics, mom-and-pop restaurants and boutique shops. The same search engine optimization principles apply to online marketing these products and services as in larger corporations. We also understand the challenges and constraints that Bar Associations, financial services regulators, AMA and the FDA place on attorneys, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, medical device and drug retailers. Our experienced Lakeway SEO firm can devise a compliant high-ROI website optimization, SEM/PPC campaign and/or social media program to fit your business goals, competitive environment and budget.
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Maximizing Conversions and ROI in SEM-PPC

Many advertising agencies run Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click programs for their clients. As a rule, they charge a percentage of the ad spend for this. So there’s no incentive to reduce the cost, and not even that much to increase the ROAS. We don’t do that. Our SEM professionals employ A/B and multivariate testing and extensive negative keyword lists to remove campaign components that are not productive. An ad keyword, copy, call-to-action, landing page that is not earning its keep is promptly supplanted by a new one. And our negative keywords keep ads from being shown to people who are not looking for what out clients are selling. This saves ad spend for other keywords with higher conversion rates.

Semantic Advantage – Lakeway Search Optimization Specialists

If you’re not happy with your current SEO company – or are just starting out with website optimization, Google Ads, or other forms of Internet marketing –  contact us to learn how we can help your business get better online results and save money.