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law-firm-seo-ad-mobileIf you’re looking for law firm SEO services, consider Semantic Advantage. Our award winning Austin search engine optimization experts have helped jurisprudence-related organizations of all sizes and legal field specialties. We focus on organic SEO for law firms and individual attorneys.

For optimal results, each search optimization engagement is custom-designed to improve rankings, website traffic and new client acquisition. We employ strictly white hat methods of on-page and off-page SEO to avoid potential issues with Google, Bing, or other search platforms. In addition, this conservative approach enhances the user experience for website and social media visitors.

Top reasons for hiring us:

  • SEO project tailored to your business goals and competition.
  • Short-term fixed-price SEO, SEM-PPC and/or social media engagements.
  • Comprehensive web development and digital marketing services.
  • Exclusive relationship – we won’t work for your competitors.

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Website SEO for Law Firms

Many individual attorneys or small practices have template-based websites that ignore established SEO principles. These generic, cookie-cutter sites look nice. But they are not optimized for your legal specialties or keywords that distinguish your organization from others. Many of these lawyer sites are not much different than plumber or dentist websites!

In some cases, it is easier for us to create a completely new website than make all the necessary changes to enhance an existing one. So our attorney search engine optimization services often include web design and development work. But most of the time, our law firm search optimization experts can dramatically improve the productivity of the current site.

SEO Services for Lawyers and Attorneys

Whether you are a one-attorney shop, boutique specialty outfit or a top-tier Austin law practice, we can enhance your online visibility, Google rankings and new client acquisition. In the digital marketing world, search optimization services fall into two categories.

On-Page SEO – enhancements made to the website itself. This ranges from target keyword selection, copywriting and meta tag optimization to site structure and navigation improvements. Also page load speed increases and improving user experience on mobile devices.

Off-Page SEO – improvements due to external factors. Primarily citations and link building to expand the number and quality of backlinks to the website. But also encompassing optimization of business profiles and posts, rating-review site profiles, and enabling customer ratings, reviews and testimonials.

SEM-PPC and SEO for Law Firms

As an adjunct to our search engine optimization services, many of our law practice clients elect to have us manage their Search Engine Marketing SEM. And run their Pay Per Click PPC campaigns and social media marketing programs as well. The combination of these three disciplines produces a synergistic effect that increases the overall benefit and ROI.

Ad Campaign Management Services for Attorneys

SEM-PPC involves display advertising as well as pay-per-click PPC search ad management services. Google and Bing advise that businesses engaging in SEM-PPC do not receive higher organic rankings for this. But our experience shows a strong correlation between active pay-per-click campaigns and higher rankings. So we always recommend at least a small Google Ads campaign for lawyer SEO improvement.

Our digital marketing experts manage display ad campaigns on Google Display Network (GDN). But most of our display advertising services for lawyers target prospects on Facebook and Twitter. Increasingly, prime audience segments are using social networks to hunt for information and recommendations for attorneys and law firms. In many respects, these platforms have supplanted search engines for personal and business services queries.

Social Media Marketing Services

Search engine algos pay attention to social signals in calculating their rankings. In effect, a Facebook Like or Twitter upvote is an electronic endorsement of the original post. A Share or Retweet carries even more weight. Social media business profiles and posts also create backlinks (aka in-links) to your website. These definitely enhance your law firm’s SEO grades.

In our experience, the benefits provided by backlinks and social signaling hinge on several factors. These include the authority of the endorsers, text of the accompanying comment, and size of the resulting social graph network. And of course, blogging and social site engagement can generate an independent stream of prospects and clients on its own. Depending on target market demographics, a successful social media program can generate more business than a website.

Lawyer Ratings and Reviews

A review or rating from a client represents a special kind of social media signal that search engines give a lot of credence. Especially in highly competitive markets. So needless to say, successful SEO for law firms in Austin TX requires dozens of Google and/or Yelp reviews. And many people searching for attorneys or legal advisors consult these sites in preference to the mainstream search platforms.

Google reserves space on Page One of the SERPs for 3 “Local Listings”. For security reasons, no one outside Alphabet knows the ranking algorithm for inclusion in this 3-pack. But we deduce that it starts with their organic ranking algo. Then they add a fudge factor based on the number, grade (1-5 star) and review date (recent ones get more weight).

For organic rankings, the algorithms have even more regard for ratings-reviews on the major attorney directories and law practice review sites. For example – Avvo, FindLaw, Justicia,, LegalMatch, Martindale-Hubbell and Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters. Links from these high authority sites can boost SEO for law firms considerably, and help individual attorneys achieve online prominence.

Focus on Legal Specialties – Fields of Law

Consumers or organizations looking for legal representation don’t just look for “lawyer” or “attorney”. In general, they formulate a query for the particular type of legal specialist they need. So we optimize our lawyer clients’ sites for the keywords prospective clients might use to find attorneys in these fields.

  • Corporate Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family and Juvenile
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law

All law firms (or single-attorney law practices) should have a website page for each legal specialty they offer. For best results, we optimize each page for the keyword phrase people use to search for this. Generally speaking, consumers looking for legal representation use the word “lawyer”. Lawyers browsing for other Members of the Bar generally use “attorney”. And corporate general counsels seeking broad legal representation search for “law firms”.

For the most competitive fields, people searching for lawyers may drill down to a specific sub-specialty. Instead of Googling “Austin IP attorney”, they will look for “Austin patent attorney”. Over the years, one of the most expensive keyword examples we have encountered – “Houston Mesothelioma lawyer” – cost $135+ per click in Google Ads campaigns. Needless to say, that’s a mighty tempting opportunity for a rogue competitor to run up one’s ad spend by clicking on this ad. So we don’t want to generalize this to “Houston personal injury lawyer”. And we install plenty of negative keywords to make sure only highly-qualified prospects view these ads.

Law Practice SEO Company – Austin TX

Our expertise and experience and in providing cost-effective law firm SEO services can help your website move up in the Google rankings. By focusing on your legal specialties and competitive differentiators, we will create an actionable strategy and roadmap for your law firm. In just a few weeks, your position in the SERPs will improve for major target keywords. This will bring more (and better-qualified) website visitors and inquiries.

As with most business activities, success in lawyer SEO requires concentration of effort on the battles you can win. Our Austin law firm SEO experts will select a combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords that will give you a competitive advantage. This focused approach eliminates much of the erstwhile competition. And enables your practice to enjoy higher rankings, more traffic and new clients for your firm.

Award-Winning Attorney SEO Agency in Austin Texas

We were proud to learn that leading search optimization authority named Semantic Advantage one of the Top 100 SEO Companies in the USA. But we get the most satisfaction from the 5-star ratings, testimonials and reviews from our clients. Let us make you our next happy customer – contact Semantic Advantage today!