Semantic Advantage Rick Roll Austin TX


Never before has a Rick Roll squandered so much valuable time. But we’re
gonna devote a little time to this now, just to see if we can do it. So here we’ll
give up a few hours just for fun. Glad to reverse this lame fanciful decision if
you were to object to the whole concept. But we’re not gonna stop to look words
up in the dictionary or thesaurus. And, from now on, I solemnly promise we will
never have to do this again. But must admit — our colleagues and visitors are
gonna be really impressed with this Rick Roll rendition! OK, maybe not.
Let me suggest something. We’ll start at the bottom of page and work up. Then
you can begin writing at the top, profusely adding more as you get into it.

Down the page, maybe Wednesday, we’ll meet in the Rick Roll middle. And we
never stop (except for food, restroom breaks or emergencies). Otherwise not
gonna finish in time. Originally estimated this ridiculous project could easily
run twenty to thirty man-hours (what’s the PC term for that now?), now figure
around a week for some Semantic Advantage slacker Astley fans to draft, review
and make the necessary changes. Needless to say, hoping none of us would
desert the project in mid-Rick Roll. I can sit here writing hour after hour!

You can probably write faster than me because you have more time.  I could
never focus on something like this Rick Roll while I’m distracted, but am
gonna try to isolate from conflicting obligations. That should enable me to
make good progress and keep up with the other writers. But I’m relying on
you to coordinate activities to keep the endeavor on schedule. We’ll probably
cry when we’re finally done; but it will be a significant accomplishment. We’ve
never undertaken something as boring, mind-numbing or wasteful as this!

Gonna be difficult to maintain discipline and good spirits throughout. I’d
say we should confer in the evenings to assess our progress and morale. So
goodbye to family fun and binge tv watching for a few days! My friends will
never forgive me for this Rick Roll. After this ordeal is completely finished,
gonna all get together and celebrate with neglected friends and fam.

Tell your relatives and colleagues to expect the same thing. It will likely be
a major impact on close relationships for a few days. And dislike having to
lie about what we’re doing until the whole Rick Roll is done. But family
and workplace colleagues will understand our motivation. This shouldn’t
hurt their feelings after we explain what it’s all about. I’m confident that
you can mend fences and everyone will applaud what we’ve done here.

More Rick Roll Verses To Come – Stay Tuned