1. What are SEO Services?

    Typically SEO Services include Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Copywriting, Page-Keyword Mapping, Meta Tag Optimization, Image and Video Optimization, Page Load Speed Enhancement and Link Building.

  2. Do new websites need SEO Services?

    YES! Search engine optimization should be an integral part of designing and implementing a new website. Developers should devise a comprehensive SEO strategy and plan before selecting a domain name or coding the first page.

  3. How do SEO Services apply to SEM-PPC campaigns?

    – SEO enhances the impact and ROAS of SEM-PPC programs:
    – Landing page SEO improves PPC Quality Scores.
    – SEO Keyword Research helps select PPC target keywords, including Negative Keywords.
    – SEO Competitive Analysis identifies the most productive and cost-effective target PPC keywords to use in your specific competitive environment.
    – SEO Keyword Research also reveals expected click costs for specific keywords and keyword types, enabling you to manage bids and budgets.

  4. How much do SEO Services cost?

    Reputable SEO companies price SEO Services based on the amount of work to be done to achieved a desired result (e.g., improvement in rankings, increase in traffic or enhanced user experience). Always ask the SEO company what the expected results are – and how they arrived at the proposed cost.