small-business-seo-services-companySemantic Advantage provides small business SEO services to attorneys, realtors, health care practices, home service providers and a variety of diverse organizations. We can develop a custom SEO campaign for your business to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), producing more website traffic and sales leads. When it comes to search engine optimization, small to mid-sized enterprises have a lot of challenges competing with big corporations. Most large companies have highly-developed seo strategies, big digital marketing budgets and a full-time staff of IT experts to manage websites, advertising programs, local search optimization, and social marketing activities. Smaller merchants, service providers and local businesses have limited resources and need to focus on things that produce the highest ROI.

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Key Small Business SEO Services

Our clients achieve the best results with a focused and integrated combination of ingredients – Customized SEO Strategies, Website Development and Optimization, Social Media Marketing (paid and earned), Ratings and Reviews solicitation, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM, consisting of Display Advertising and Pay-Per-Click ads). Our custom-tailored SEO service engagements pervade all of these disciplines. And the combination of these ingredients produces synergistic benefits and greater value. Here are the main components of our typical projects for small businesses:

  • SEO Strategy and Plan designed for your business and competitive environment
  • New Website Design and Development with Integrated SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization of current websites and/or blogs
  • Social Media SEO – profile and post optimization on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Ratings-Review Site Profile Enhancements – GoogleMyBusiness, Bing, Facebook, Yelp
  • SEO for Search Engine Marketing Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • E-Commerce SEO for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others

Why Semantic Advantage is the Best SEO Company for Small Businesses

After performing preliminary SEO audits to evaluate a client’s competitive environment and keyword performance, we confer with the client to learn more about their business and marketing objectives. We then develop a targeted project approach to exploit their advantages and differentiators. While avoiding online competition with dissimilar businesses, giant competitors, online directories and ratings/review sites.

Our competitive analysis, keyword research and focused approach enable us to identify opportunities and give clients more for their search optimization buck. We employ sophisticated SEO tools to identify weaknesses in website content, link building and technical SEO. Online marketing and SEO  campaigns for smaller enterprises and local businesses do not need to compete with the big guys across-the-board. We pick the battles our clients can win.

Semantic Advantage offers affordable SEO campaigns for every company and budget. We will conduct a preliminary SEO audit, keyword research and competitive analysis to discuss with you. Then, based on these results and your feedback, we prepare a custom project plan and fixed price quote. Typically we start new clients off with a six-month pilot project. This gives the Amazon, Bing and Google algorithms time to fully manifest the effects of our work in their rankings, while avoiding the uncertainty of a lengthy commitment by the client.

Website Optimization for Better Rankings and User Experience

Most of our SEO work entails on-page and off-page enhancements to established websites. The client is generally happy with the look-and-feel of the site, and just wants higher search rankings, more traffic and sales leads, better performing SEM/PPC campaigns and/or improved user experience. But about 20% of our clients elect to have us build them a completely new website. Either they want a more modern appearance and efficient structure – or it would be less time consuming and expensive to build (and maintain) a completely new site.

Landing Page SEO for Improved Pay-Per-Click ROI

Search ad placements in the search engine results pages and click costs depend on Quality Scores. These are calculated based on the page’s organic ranking and the ad’s click-thru-rate (CTR). Google and Microsoft want the landing page, ad copy and call-to-action to be relevant to the user’s query – and they reward this with a higher Quality Score. The best Quality Scores (in combination with the highest bids) yield the highest ad placements and lowest cost-per-click (CPC). So it pays to apply optimizations to small business landing pages.

Social Media SEO Services for Small Businesses

We also apply these SEO strategies and techniques to our small and medium-sized client’s social site posts and profiles – including ratings/review sites. Optimizing local business profiles on Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Yelp and industry-specific directories for specific keywords produces several benefits. 1) Improved rankings for native searches on those platforms, 2) Rank higher for profile and post pages on mainstream search engines, and 3) More SEO ‘juice’ in link building from those optimized profiles and posts.

Digital Marketing – SEO – SEM-PPC – Social Media

If you have a small home services business, boutique retail shop — or even a dozen-person accounting or law firm – you can’t justify having an in-house digital marketing team or even a small business local search expert knowledgeable in technical SEO. At the same time, you are competing with national and regional corporations with large specialized staffs and sizable budgets for websites, advertising and other promotions. How can you compete?

The answer is specialization and focus. A local restaurant can compete with McDonalds by offering and emphasizing specific menu items and dining experience that the big chain can not match. An individual realtor can compete with Redfin, Trulia and Zillow by focusing on a specific type of housing, neighborhood or service (e.g., corporate relos or staging). Search optimizations for local  businesses entail focusing on specific product, service and geographical factors that differentiate the micro enterprise from larger corporations.

Small Business SEO – Online Marketing Strategy

For each client project, we devise an overall strategy to produce meaningful business results (more customers and sales) and value. All of our work – website development, search advertising or social marketing — includes a search engine optimization component. And the strategy we develop for each client depends on a thorough analysis of their competitive environment, relevant keyword performance and opportunities.

Search Optimization for Entrepreneurs, Sole Proprietors, Mom-and-Pop Businesses

We especially enjoy working with micro businesses because they are intimately familiar with all aspects of their market and operations, and are able to respond to changes and make decisions quickly. SEO is a numbers-based discipline. Our work gets graded every day in the Google search results. Ditto for Bing, Amazon, Duck Duck Go, Yelp and Yahoo! And this applies to both organic and paid ad rankings, as well as social media marketing metrics. SEO tends to have a lot of inertia — rankings change gradually in response to enhancements. On the other hand, Google, Bing and Facebook ad performance can react immediately to changes; so we carefully monitor A/B and multivariate tests to optimize results promptly.

Small Business SEO Company – Semantic Advantage Inc.

We have been helping small businesses in Austin TX and throughout the USA since 2008. Clients include sole proprietors, mom-and-pop businesses and high-tech startups. Our SEO services packages and integrated digital marketing projects enable them to compete successfully with large corporations. If you’re looking for a results-oriented small business SEO company, contact Semantic Advantage today.